Progentec TM Diagnostics, Inc., was set up to explore and commercialize state of the art diagnostic interventions in therapeutic areas with a high level of unmet need. The company is collaborating with a number of research institutions and individuals around the world engaged in bringing the latest technological innovations to the field of diagnostics. The commitment to this cause is firmly rooted in our belief that better diagnostics would not only help in better and less costly management of diseases, but also help tremendously in reducing the incidence of diseases through early screening and detection.



Progentec’s TM vision is to create an ecosystem to provide comprehensive care management and support to lupus patients. Our vision is to lead an initiative to connect multiple stakeholders within the healthcare system consisting of patients, providers, payers and pharmaceutical manufacturers to proactively manage lupus patients within such an ecosystem. become a leading diagnostic company focused on solutions inspired cutting edge technological innovations that make a real difference to physicians and patients.



Develop patented, non-invasive, and easy to use diagnostic solutions targeting difficult to diagnose diseases where no such tests exist today or bring about significant improvements that are clinically meaningful to existing diagnostic solutions in the market. We are focused on providing answers to basic questions, which have the potential to make a big impact on current treatment paradigms – thus helping healthcare professionals and patients improve outcomes at reduced costs.