Managing lupus doesn’t stop at the rheumatologist’s door. aiSLE Mobile is a total lupus care platform empowering patients to take charge of their health with just a smartphone.



Close the gap between lupus patients and their clinicians

  • Patient-scheduled video conferencing with nurse practitioners & clinical staff

  • Ad-hoc text messaging for quick answers to pressing questions

One-stop-shop for lab results and lupus tracking

  • Easily reviewable aiSLE lab results

  • Smart digital log for lupus flare & symptom tracking

  • Integration with Withings Steel HR wearable device offers data on physical activity, heart rate, & sleep


Just what the doctor ordered

Mobile and web applications designed and developed for the the collection, management, and sharing of health information by patients and clinical staff.

An internet-based database of patient authorized, HIPAA-compliant medical information for use by doctors.

On-line forums and direct messaging (including video) transmissions for patients, doctors, and caregivers to facilitate and deliver care.

aiSLE systemization of information in the field of patient medical information designed to facilitate patient-authorized, hipaa-compliant sharing into computer databases and maintenance of patient medical information amongst a patient's doctors such that this information can be directly inserted into the doctor's medical reports as a means of increasing medical record generation efficiency and accuracy.


Why do clinicians love aiSLE Mobile? Contextualized data, simple workflows, and new payment models are transforming chronic care management from pipe dream to reality.


Identifying powerful health signals from the noise of digitally-collected data

When it comes to data, more isn’t always better. Patient reported outcomes and passive data collection can lead to more work for clinicians without any benefit to patients.

aiSLE Mobile is focused on supporting clinicians during key lupus inflection points. Proprietary machine learning algorithms find patterns at the individual, cohort, and disease level and transforms treatment strategies into best practices.

Workflows that work

Health technologies are only as powerful as they are usable. Intuitive processes and customizable features ensure that aiSLE Mobile gets better the more you use it.

Payments that make sense

Using a flat monthly fee aiSLE Mobile and the suite of aiSLE laboratory tests are priced fairly for patients, clinicians, and payors.