Progentec has a comprehensive solution that synthesizes the synergies between advanced biologic markers and large amounts of digital markers captured through unique social media and mobile app interactions with lupus patients and other users.

Our biomarker platform (aiSLE DX platform) offers a range of assay-based tests to help patients and their providers manage the disease effectively. These tests include a flare prediction score, a reliable metric to proactively measure disease activity in SLE patients and an early Lupus Diagnosis Test. These tests can be administered with minimal administrative burden and can go a long way in identifying appropriate patients and segmenting them for proactive management, establishing their baseline disease activity levels and monitoring progression patterns over time, as well as tracking treatment responses over time. Two other biomarker tests are being developed using the same platform - a test to measure organ damage in lupus patients and another test to stratify pregnancy risk in lupus patients.

Progentec has already established a popular lupus portal and a mobile app that is one of the most widely used social media and digital app in the US today. We have established access to nearly 65,000 users and the user base is growing rapidly. With new initiatives in place we expect this to become a critical vehicle in our efforts to develop synergies between our biomarker tests and digital markers.