LupusCorner is a collection of digital tools that are designed to help Lupus Warriors get health information, track lupus, and participate in research.


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A lupus community that can fit in your pocket.

  • Accurate, understandable lupus articles

  • Patient experiences in the Q&A Forum

  • Featured articles from experts publicly advocates for and promotes public awareness of new preventative measures and treatments, improved healthcare quality and efficiency, scientific, research, and medical advances made possible through clinical research.



The #1 App Store lupus toolkit keeps getting better.

  • Share & learn in the community forum

  • Track lupus symptoms and severity

  • Keep a medication log 

The right tool doesn’t just make it easier to get the job done, it changes what was possible. Backed by powerful data analytics, LupusCorner makes it possible to identify personal health triggers and patterns.

LupusCorner provides an online network service that enables users to securely share healthcare data.



You’ve never conducted research quite like this.

  1. Create study questions & participant qualifications

  2. Publish into the LupusCorner Research App

  3. Start getting responses. It’s that easy.

Built using the FDA’s My Studies framework, LupusCorner Research is a 21 CFR Part 11-compliant tool for collecting and organizing patient reported outcomes and digital data. Design and launch your study or market research initiative fast. Start getting results even faster.

LupusCorner Research promotes technical and scientific investigation, research, and experimentation to support scientific discovery in connection with pharmaceuticals, diagnostic tools, biomarkers, and medical devices.