Lupus is a disease state that has not seen significant innovations in a long time.

Diagnosis of Lupus, ability to track disease activity and predict future flares, are areas that have significant impact on patients, the management  of their disease outcomes and on their quality of life. Today, the patient journey leading up to the diagnosis of lupus, living with lupus and not having any idea on how the disease is progressing and not knowing when the next flare up is expected, are all devastating experiences for the patients and therefore, a critical need exists for reliable solutions that can address these.

Looking beyond the devastating nature of the disease, there are other issues that further aggravate their experiences. Lack of understanding of the disease and its long term effects, inability to gain access to adequate care by specialists, and community support, are all key areas where much work needs to be done.

Progentec is focused on providing a comprehensive solution that addresses these patient needs in a meaningful manner while engaging other stakeholders who can improve patient care and patient’s experiences.